Meeting Format

The Awana children’s clubs are 90 minute to two-hour club sessions featuring three main segments: Game Time, Handbook Time and Large Group Time.

Unique Awana games are played on the unique Awana Game Square. Four teams playing allow maximum excitement, fun and competition, while maintaining a disciplined, easily-controlled atmosphere.
The full-on excitement of Game Time is a magnet to bring in non-Church kids – and keep them coming!

Leaders work with clubbers individually, in small groups, to help them achieve in their handbooks, to assist their understanding of Scriptural truths, and to challenge them to apply these in their daily lives. There are many opportunities to lead a clubber to Christ as Saviour and many opportunities to challenge to spiritual growth in the life of a believer.

LARGE GROUP TIME is the “heart” of Awana. It focuses on the Gospel message which is clearly presented every week. Opportunity is always given for personal counselling, and many have been led to the Lord following an Awana Council Time.
The Gospel is presented in various ways, using drama, puppets, ventriloquism, object lessons, science projects, exciting stories etc. Council Time is all in together, with bright action songs, testimonies, announcements and presentation of awards. The winning team for the night is announced and members of that team choose prizes from the Awana store.