Awana is more than just a weekly Club curriculum. It can take children and teens on adventures that will influence them for the rest of their lives.

The Awana Grand Prix, Awana Games, and Bible Quizzing, are just a few activities to which parents and friends are invited, and at which the Gospel can be clearly presented.

Many other outreach activities and special events can be included throughout the year, either on a Club basis or including parents and families. Theme nights and dress-up nights can be included in the weekly program. There is no limit to the variety which can be introduced.

AWANA GAMES is an opportunity for your clubbers to intermix with clubbers from other Churches and towns in your area in an organised, exciting inter-Club activity.  Games events are organised and hosted by local churches.  Ten games are played.

AWANA GAMES are an outreach event. Many parents, family members and friends attend. The Gospel message is presented.

THE AWANA GRAND PRIX is an annual highlight for many Awana Clubs. Clubbers are supplied with a block of wood, wheels, axles and instructions. With help from parents, friends or Awana leaders, they construct cars of their own design to race on a four lane track, about 12 metres long. The start line is high enough that the cars travel under their own steam to the finish line.

The Awana Grand Prix is a night of excitement for all the family. Parents love it! Clubbers proudly race the cars they have helped to design and make. All the thrills of the speedway, with awesome sound effects, the pit area and a repair station.

AN AWANA HOLIDAY CLUB curriculum is available at our on-line store.   We have many complete, tried and proven programs for Holiday Clubs and Camps, and are happy to tailor-make these for you for your school holidays programs. Our Holiday Clubs have a catchy title with a theme which is continued in all aspects of the program. This includes Awana games and other fun activities, a daily drama serial, puppets and challenges. A good quality craft item is made each day. Children work in their workbooks with their leaders, to answer questions about the lesson and its application to their lives.

Children are introduced to many AWANA features, including the unique Awana games played on the Awana Games circle. About two-thirds of the children at a Holiday Club are from non-church families. 

AN AWANA CAMP offers many opportunities to “cement” the teaching received at Club throughout the year. The five days of intensive togetherness and sharing, consistent teaching and times where questions from clubbers are dealt with sensitively and honestly, produce an atmosphere where clubbers are very conducive to the claims of Christ on their lives. At an Awana camp, the Gospel is always presented very clearly.