Leader Training

LEADERSHIP TRAINING sets Awana apart from other children’s and youth ministries. Awana trains leaders in partnership with the local Church. Awana motivates men and women to get off the sidelines and into the action of a meaningful ministry.

AWANA MISSIONARIES are always available to give basic training, advanced training and specialised training to Awana leaders in the local Churches using the Awana program, and to help wherever possible.

Awana supplies much training and resource material to assist leaders:

  • From first-time volunteers to veteran children’s ministry workers, Awana training will “improve the serve” of every teen and adult who works in the program.
  • A basic training manual was written with new leaders in mind and it provides an easy-to understand approach to conducting a club and to leadership in the club.
  • Training is given relating to the age-related characteristics of children and youth and the ways in which they respond to the various types of teaching methods.
  • Training is given on various ways to teach with understanding, and numerous ideas for helping children to memorise Scripture.
  • How to use positive discipline is included in training, along with ideas to motivate and encourage.
  • Each age group has its own special extra training which relates to the particular characteristics of that Club.
  • Special needs children are catered for in the Awana program and extra training is available for those working in this area.
  • 24-7 has formulated a detailed leader’s guide covering all aspects of youth ministry, filled with practical helps for connecting with them and influencing them for eternity.
  • Leadership Training Conferences supply extra training from a variety of experienced leaders in a choice of workshops. Leaders often exchange ideas which have worked in their clubs.
  • RESOURCE BOOKS are produced by Awana and make leading a handbook group easy for even the inexperienced leader. In T&T the Leader’s Guidebook clearly states all the requirements and gives the answers for each section of the clubber’s book, plus suggestions for teaching.