Children love to receive recognition for their achievements. Awana awards heighten enthusiasm and motivate clubbers to achieve. There are also many awards to be earned by leaders.

In CUBBIES, Cubbies receive the emblems for completing the AppleSeed Trail or the HoneyComb Trail. Trails are at the beginning of each handbook. Cubbies earn four green apple emblems and four red apple emblems during the year. Achievement emblems for the AppleSeed handbook complete the letter “A” on the uniform vest and achievement emblems for the HoneyComb handbook complete the letter “C”. Cubbies receive a confetti-filled ribbon to take home once they complete each handbook.

In SPARKS, a nature theme is followed through the three books. The uniform awards for Sparks are emblems and pilot wing badges – with red, green and blue jewels inserted in them as clubbers progress through the books. Book Completion is honoured with rosette ribbons and the Sparky plaque and pin are awarded for the completion of all three books.

In the Truth & Training Club, the Ultimate Adventure award badge is earned and dome seals are attached to the badge as the clubbers complete Discoveries and Challenges. Other patches and pins can also be earned.

Special certificates and pins are earned for reciting all the questions and answers from each book, with back-up verses.

In 24-7 Ministries, the awards are less showy but are still powerful motivations to achieve.

The EXCELLENCE AWARD is presented for the completion of any two books in the third-twelfth grade clubs.

Completion of three books in the third-twelfth grade clubs is recognised with the THIRD BOOK AWARD.

The TIMOTHY TROPHY is presented for the completion of any four books in the third-twelfth grade clubs.

The MERITORIOUS AWARD is awarded for completion of six books in the third-twelfth grade clubs.

The CITATION AWARD is treasured by those who complete all ten books in the third-twelfth grade clubs.