Meaning of Name

The acronym Awana comes from the first letters of the phrase
“Approved workmen are not ashamed” (2 Timothy 2:15)

Founded in 1950, the AWANA ministry is:

  • An international, non-denominational Bible-centred children’s and youth ministry.
  • Committed to the evangelism and discipleship of children and youth.
  • Effective in getting the gospel into the homes of unsaved families.
  • An outward-focussed ministry that can revitalise a church – bringing revival, energy and growth.
  • Dedicated to assisting the local church in training parents fulfil their role as the spiritual leaders of their children.
  • Focussed on missions.

At the core of Awana are its weekly club programs in local churches. From preschool to high school, children and youth have fun playing age-appropriate games, memorising Bibles verses in an organised, topical system, and participating in large-group Bible teaching.