AWANA MISSIONARIES ARE FAITH MISSIONARIES. They are dependent on the free-will gifts of God’s people.

The main aim of the Awana Missionary is to service the existing Awana Churches, providing adequate training and assistance, enabling the Club leadership to effectively use the Awana materials. He knows that without continual training, even the best club will tend to fail.

There is a great need in Australia to see more Churches using the Awana program. Missionaries have large expenses making contacts with Churches to interest them in commencing Awana, travelling to visit them to present the Awana program, and hopefully more travelling to supply training for leaders.

Donations can be mailed to:


992-1000 Old Windsor Road

Glenwood NSW 2768


Please make your cheque payable to Awana Clubs International and mark it clearly with the name of the missionary it is intended for. If you wish to become a regular donor to this ministry, please

download details for direct deposits here

Your contribution, whatever the amount, is an investment in the lives of boys and girls, and we sincerely thank you for it.